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Medicine, advice & wellness

Our friendly pharmacists are always on hand to provide up-to-date advice on all health problems. Vitamin query? We stock reputable alternative health brands, including Blackmores, Ethical Nutrients, Oriental Botanicals and Carusos. Our staff are fully trained to guide you through our range.

Gifts, cosmetic & beauty 

Need a gift for someone special? Or a fellow worker? Or a last minute present! We can cater for your needs. We have a great range of rapidly turning over gifts for you to browse. These include Homewares, candles, scarves, baby (and new mum) and novelty gift ideas. Come in and check them out.


On sale until 29/05/2020…

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Gift Hampers

Need a quick, beautiful gift hamper? We can help!…

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Your genes make you unique

myDNA combines scientific evidence and expert knowledge to help you understand your genes.…

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3 Minute Script Ready Guarantee

As a community focused pharmacy we cater for our West Perth clients and know that your lunch-break is valuable.
We dispense your prescriptions efficiently and have extra staff on duty during lunch time for faster service.