Your genes make you unique


The myDNA test holds a lifetime relevence, takes only a few minutes to complete, costs $99-$149, and results are delivered in 10 working days.

The myDNA Wellness & Nutrition report uses the latest scientific evidence to explain how your personal genetic makeup may influence may influence your health

Wellness and Nutrition reports results will include:

  1. Nutritional breakdown
  2. Diet and exercise recommendations
  3. Insight into appetite and weight gain
  4. Fat storage and fat breakdown

Your unique genetic markers are with you from birth and affect how you respond to diet and exercise. Your lifestyle also plays a very important role in determining your wellbeing.

The myDNA Medication reports assess how you process certain medications. You might process some medications too quickly and as a result they may not work effectively. Or, you might process others too slowly, meaning you risk side effects.

Your personalized Medication myDNA report explains how you process commonly prescribed medicines including certain:

  1. Antidepressants
  2. Antipsychotics
  3. Antidiabetic medications
  4. Pain relief medications
  5. Reflux medications
  6. Statins
  7. + MORE


GET TESTED - myDNA uses a simple cheek swab to analyse your genetic profile. The test can be done within our pharmacy!

LAB ANALYSIS - The lab analyses your DNA sample. The clinical team interpret the results and create a personalised report.

REPORT DELIVERED - You will be notified when your myDNA report is ready.

ONLINE ACCESS - You can access your report securely online where new information will be provided as it becomes available.

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