Clinical Interventions

Our pharmacists routinely perform clinical interventions in order to improve your health.

A clinical intervention can occur where medicines (prescribed, over the counter and herbal) may interact. This is a very important area in Pharmacy. It is vital to your health that we keep interactions to a minimum. We want to provide the best outcome, regarding your health with FREE counselling given.

All our clients are eligible for clinical interventions. Potential benefits of clinical interventions to consumers include:

  • improved symptom control.
  • decreased incidence of adverse events related to medicines.
  • enhanced knowledge of medicines.
  • potential cost savings through rationalisation of medication.

Our pharmacists have a fundamental role in optimising your health outcomes and minimising medication misadventure. Clinical interventions may also identify ways that we can assist in other professional services such as:

  • Dose administration aids
  • Medication management
  • MedsCheck 

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