Health Checks

Get the most out of your medicines with a MedsCheck

We recommend that you meet with one of our Pharmacists for a FREE MedsCheck or FREE Diabetes MedsCheck. It will help to: 

  • Increase your knowledge about the medicines you are taking, what they do, when it’s best to take them and how well they are working. 
  • Give you more confidence in using your medicines 
  • Reduce the possibility of a hospital admission due to a medicine mistake. 
  • It’s an ideal opportunity to learn how to get the most out of them, or even consider what changes might be needed to achieve better outcomes.

Please allow 15-30 minutes for this one on one consultation with our Pharmacist. Contact us to arrange an appointment time. 

Weight checks with FREE advice.

Medicines, over the counter and prescription, are updated continually. Our pharmacists are always available to help review your medications and offer alternatives. Diet and natural medicines can affect how your prescribed medicines work. We can advise on all aspects of your medicine care.

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